Monday, October 7, 2013

Hello Monday!

Hello Monday!

Let's say hello to some things, shall we?  

Hello one of my favorite months, October!  I love the cooler weather and all the colors of fall.  As the leaves change and drop it reminds me that God created beauty in all things.  

Hello pumpkins and mums and trips to the pumpkin farm!

Hello to spending another week with that cute little boy!  Love him. To. Pieces.  

Hello week of reading!  I'm currently reading Jesus the King by Tim Keller for Tuesday AM Bible study and The Invisible War by Chip Ingram and reading/SOAPing through the book of Mark and reading Randy Alcorn's Heaven devotional.  All are really, really, really good! 

Hello homemade pasta sauce that simmered all day on the stove yesterday.  We'll be having left overs for a while! 
Hello meal planning and trying to cut our grocery bill.  I'm going to take the $50 a week grocery bill challenge.  No coupons, just smart shopping and planning!  We'll see how I do.  This will mean staying away from one of my all time favorite destinations- Wegman's.  But look out Aldi, here I come!

Hello to a clean kitchen!  Hello to being in a cleaning mood today- this doesn't happen often so I am running with it!
Hello to another trip to the Great Pumpkin Farm on Wednesday with MOPS!  Super excited for that!

I hope that you have a wonderful Monday.  What are you saying hello to this week?