Monday, September 9, 2013

Hello Monday!

I've been following this blog by Lisa Leonard for a while. I absolutely LOVE her jewelry.  I have received two pieces (the Mama necklace and the Love is my Anchor necklace) as gifts and they are perfect- meaningful, beautiful, fun to wear!

Apparently the dog crate is the new exciting thing!
So today I decided to link up and say Hello the way Lisa does every Monday.  Let's go!

Hello Weight Watchers!  I missed not having a meeting last week because it was Labor day!
Hello 49.2 pounds- which is what I've currently lost.  Holla!
Hello starting up working out again after a little summer hiatus.  Jillian Michaels,  you always kick me into shape in the best way!
Hello napping baby, which is why I have time to sit and write this!
Hello warmer weather- could it be the last warm up before fall?
Hello cleaning my kitchen and cooking dinners- there is something about the structure of Autumn that I absolutely love and is motivating to me!
Hello Sully's first haircut!  Given by my mother in law- he looks so grown up even though there wasn't much to trim off.
Hello trip to Rochester to visit my grandma and hopefully my first trip to Trader Joe's!
Hello trying to be more consistent blogging- let's see how this goes.  

How about you?  What are you saying Hello to this week?