Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Little Things

There are moments in life, at least in my life, that I've known are big.  They are a big deal.  The week I spent at Young Life camp when I was 17 and heard about God, grace, sin and Jesus dying on the cross for me, for you.  The night I sat on the rocks in the Adirondacks during that week and finally took off the masks, revealed my scars and asked a Holy, loving, God to be Lord of my life.  That was big.  The day my husband proposed as we walked along the beach looking for sea glass.  Our wedding day and the look Ryan had on his face when he saw me for the first time in that white dress.  My first day at college, feeling like I was starting a new chapter.  The day my mom died and knowing somehow that life would never quite be the same.  And most recently the day I peed on the stick and two pink lines appeared- I was pregnant.  I walked into my kitchen, fell to my knees and cried and praised God.  What a gift.  A life changing gift.

I'm sure you have your big moments, too.  The ones that have somehow shaped and define you.  And I believe, that for the most part, they are few and far between.  But what we have daily are the little things.  Quiet moments, small gifts and sometimes we miss them.  Sometimes, I miss them.  And sometimes I just flat out don't recognize them. 

Coming home from work yesterday my feet were fat.  Not swollen. Fat.  Two fat, chunky blocks attached to my legs.  I walked in the door and my husband had set up the foot bath for me to soak my fat feet in.  Driving to work the other morning there was literally no traffic.  Work has been hectic and a bit stressful and my boss texted me after I had left the office that she appreciates all that I do.  Every night when I walk in the door my dog greets me like I am the best part of his day and in the morning he does the exact same thing when I wake up.  A sweet friend let me know that she's been praying for me. 

These are all small things.  Things that in the midst of a hectic and busy life I can miss as little gifts.  But they, just like the large moments, can define and shape me.  Do I take the time to acknowledge them and to thank God for them?  To live each day with a grateful heart- to be grateful even for the things that don't necessarily seem like they are small gifts because they are hard or challenging or push my buttons in the worst way.  But I can choose to be grateful that God will use those things for His good, to complete His purpose in me (patience, compassion, gentleness.... the road to these are not easy!). 

I haven't done the best job this week of recognizing it.  It took me until this morning during my devotional time to be convicted of that.  How about you?  What are some big moments that have shaped you and some little moments that you are grateful for?